Techmaticsound Records : Catalogo: TSR001  Artist: David Barroso&Kraust Sonido Tittle: Circular EP Release Date: 21–11–2016    

Techmaticsound Records : Catalogo: TSR002  Artist: David Barroso Tittle: Other Side EP Release Date: 12–12–2016    

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR003  Artist: Kraust Sonido  Tittle:Looters EP Release Date:  19–12–2016   

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR004  Artist: Kraust Sonido      Tittle: Hellium EP  Release Date:  23–1–2017      


Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR005  Artist: David Barroso      Tittle: Kratf EP  Release Date:  13–2–2017     


Techmaticsound Records : Catalogo:  TSR006 Artist: Kraust Sonido              Tittle: Kaotik EP  Release Date:  6–3–2017 


Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR007  Artist: David Barroso            Tittle: Cries Of Liberation EP Release Date:  14–4–2017 


Techmaticsound Records : Catalogo:  TSR008  Artist: Kraust Sonido            Tittle: Blooderings EP  Release Date:  28–4–2017  


Techmaticsound Records : Catalogo:  TSR009  Artist: David Barroso            Tittle: Expansive  EP  Release Date:  19–5–2017  


Techmaticsound Records :  Catalogo:  TSR010  Artist: Kraust Sonido            Tittle: Imminent Devastation  EP   Release Date:  29–5–2017    


Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR011  Artist: David Barroso            Tittle: Inspiration In The Past  EP   Release Date:  17–7–2017   

Techmaticsound Records :  Catalogo:  TSR012  Artist: Kraust Sonido            Tittle:  Mordrake Case EP   Release Date:  24–7–2017  

Techmaticsound Recorids:  Catalogo: TSR013  Artisr: Hector Mad          Tittel:  Letters From A Misanthrope EP Realese Date: 14–8–2017

Techmaticsound Records :  Catalogo:  TSR014  Artist: Kraust Sonido            Tittle: Noizeratum EP   Release Date:  11–9–2017   

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo:  TSR014  Artist: David Barroso            Tittle: Alternative Overation EP   Release Date:  27–10–2017   

Techmaticsound Records :  Catalogo:  TSR016  Artist: Kraust Sonido            Tittle:  Autopsy EP   Release Date:  27–11–2017  

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR017 Artist; David Barroso/Kraust Sonido Tittle; Collapse EP  Realese Date: 15–1–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR018 Artist; David Barroso         Tittle; Origin EP  Realese Date: 23–3–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR019 Artist; Kraust Sonido         Tittle; Short Cuticle EP  Realese Date: 30–4–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR020 Artist; David Barroso         Tittle; Mental Intrusion EP  Realese Date: 15–6–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR021 Artist; Kraust Sonido         Tittle; Shit Citizenship EP  Realese Date: 25–6–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR022 Artist; David Barroso         Tittle; Raven Expedition EP  Realese Date: 6–8–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR023 Artist; Kraust Sonido Tittle; Rotten Meat EP  Realese Date: 20–8–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR024 Artist; David Barroso Tittle; Different Perspectives EP  Realese Date: 24–9–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR025 Artist; Kraust Sonido Tittle; SUBWAY FROM HELL EP  Realese Date: 15–10–2018

Techmaticsound Records: Catalogo TSR026 Artist; David Barroso Tittle; NATURAL OMENS EP  Realese Date: 14–12–2018

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