On this page you will find periodic information with the latest news of our label.

7-10-2016 David Barroso is invited to one of the groups dedicated to electronic music. Its format is focused on streming, with one of the best national programming, ZULO ROOM where the artist presents some of the first EP that will later come out through Techmaticsound and some of the tracks included in his disc case.

21-11-2014 Techmaticsound launches its first EP a two track album produced by David Barroso and Kraust Sonido.In this work the producers fuse their styles of music, creating two dynamic and forceful songs.

12-12-2016 Techmaticsound 002 features David Barroso. The artist releases his first release through his own label, TECHMATICSOUND. This producer focuses his music on experimental sounds, textures and gives him his own version of very particular darkness, able to transport you to another dimension. In this work brings us two tracks, OTHER SIDE and TENSE, two tracks loaded with groove and a very linear and blunt sound.

20-12 2016 Techmaticsound launches its TSR003, a work realized by the Spanish producer Kraust Sound, composed of two tracks, in which he fits us his way of seeing the techno

23-01-2017 Techmaticsound launches its reference TSR004, in charge of the producer Kraust Sonido, a work composed of two tracks ... HELLIUM and WICKED. 

17-02-2017 Techmaticsound fifth reference, national techno acargo by producer DAVID BARROSO.

6-03-2017 Techmaticsound launches its TSR006 by the producer Kraust Sonido, this time the artist delights us with three original track, with which it does not surprise us.

14–04–2017 Techamticsound launches its reference TSR007 by producer David Barroso. As in the previous releases, the producer brings us two audio tracks (Cries of Liberation and Bunker), in which the artist leaves present his way of seeing the Techno, always focusing his music in sequences of textures, linear sounds and mental, that In the next releases we will enjoy.

28–04–2017 Techamticsound launches its reference TSR008 by producer KRAUST SOUND. On this occasion the artist returns to delight with three audio tracks (BOODERINGS, ENRAGED and INVADER), in which he makes us participate in the approach of his music full of nuances, atmospheres and games of drums, creating in all his works a great dynamics Which makes it unmistakable...

19–05–2017 Techmaticsound launches its TSR009: David Barroso brings us EXPANSIVE EP, work composed of four Original Mix (Expansive Secuencial 1, Expansive Secuencial Effct 2, Expansive Secuencial Voices and Expansive Secuencial 4)

29–05–2017 Techmaticsound launches its TSR010: References by producer Kraust Sonido, composed of three Original Mix (Imminent Devastation, Breeding The Spaw and Pound). 

24–7–2017 Techmaticsound launches ist TSR011: References by producer David Barroso composed of four Original Mix (Big Core, Strange Phenomena, Rupture and Desert).

14–8–2017 Techmaticsound launches its TSR013: This time the work comes from the hand of Spanish producer Héctor Mad (Letters From A Misanthrope), an EP composed of two audio tracks 1.Destination Trappist-1 and 2.Send Someone Lost, in the Which the artist retracts and transports us to a journey where he makes us participate in his form of musical expression.

24–7–2017 Techmaticsound launches its TSR012: Kraust Sonido brings us (Mordrake Case EP) a work composed of four audio tracks. 1Dark Matter 2.Dusk Falls 3.Funeral Doll's 4. Mordrake Case. 

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