Techmaticsound launches TSR018: This time the work comes to us from David Barroso, the producer presents us (ORIGIN EP). A release composed of five cotes (1.Initial Cut_DB1 2. Mood 3. Random 4. Stream Of Elements 5. Unexpected).


Techmaticsound launches its TSR015: Alternative Overaction EP. A work composed of four cuts (1.Unknown Explorations 2.Overaction 3.False Uncertainty 4.Recoil). That comes from the hand of producer David Barroso. 

Techmaticsound launches TSR016: Directly from the center of the peninsula returns Kraust Sonido to delight us with Autopsy, a very subtle, mature and elegant techno album, with exquisite atmospheres and grooves loaded with a lot of rhythm and feeling. Techmaticsound presents us with 4 tracks of Kraust Sound with their ideas embodied in their most personal music for you to dance without compassion, this time wherever you want with whoever you want.

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